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Engage your customers with personalized ESG insights

As the customer oriented financial institution you are, create and distribute personalized investor impact reports for your customers’ green investments. Certified!

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Simplify compiling and comparing different impact reports

As a green investor, assess the impact characteristics of your green asset portfolio with our intuitive user interface. Simulate how various portfolio compositions will move towards your sustainability objectives.

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Compile and compare effortlessly

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Simulate and optimize your portfolio

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Track impact measures over time

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Evolve the logic behind investments

As venture capitalist you have the power to shape the future of our planet with your investments in green projects. By expanding non-financial reporting towards your sponsors, you connect better with their filantropic aspirations.

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Expand your community of investors

Attract capital by adding more at stake and more to engage around. Investors want to make money, but even more they want to make money and to make good.

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Improve lineage between why, what, and how much

Improve transparency of real impacts and create a seamless flow of information, ensuring sponsors stays connected and aligned.

Increase visibility towards investors with a strong interest in sustainability

As issuer of green assets you can help investors understand the positive impacts in a standardized format with our tools. You also gain exposure to new investors that are seeking to make green investments.

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Target groups / Use cases

Accelerate green transition through innovative use cases


Bankers and advisors

Bankers and investment advisors who want to create and provide investor reports to their broad customer base in digital channels, for the specific scope of green assets they market.


Institutional investors

Institutional investors in green assets who want to create and view investment reports for their own investment portfolio of broadly available green assets.


Venture capitalists

Venture capitalists funding green projects that want to create and provide their sponsors with investor reports on both project and consolidated levels, for each sponsor’s investment mix.



Issuers of green assets that want to provide banks, advisors, and investors with impact details for promotional purposes, and for use in impact calculations.


Third parties

Certification bodies, underwriters, and agents that want to digitally publish quality-assured impact characteristics of green projects and green frameworks on behalf of issuers of green assets.


Trust in the community

Utilize blockchain technologies to instill trust in the green transformation relationships. Demonstrate committment, certify investments and impacts, and ensure that green project benefits are not double-counted.


Your Questions Answered

Find answers below to commonly asked questions about our green asset impact reporting solution. If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Is user generated information, e.g. green bond frameworks registered by us, shared among your user base?
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It is up you as provider of for instance framework information. You can select to register frameworks, projects, and assets either as private or public. An issuer would most certainly choose "public" to make their data generally available for promotional purposes, while a bank using the tool to generate investor reports to their customer base, may choose "private".

When using your tool to generate personalized impact reports for our customers, how are personally identifiable information protected in your solution?
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Our database is encrypted by our cloud service provider. In addition, you have the option to encrypt your PII with an encryption key of your own (BYOK). Moreover, we offer the possibility to only perform the impact calculations in our solution without having to disclose any customer information. In such a case the result would only be stored in your own solutions.

Is there an API to access functionality and data in your solution, if we want to integrate it with our own systems?
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Yes, we provide an extensive API which allow your own developemnt team to launch the exact same end user functionality as in the web solution. You find more information about our API at

Can we consolidate the impacts characteristics of green projects that we finance, and generate investor reports from that?
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Yes, the tool supports the entire value chain starting with impact characteristics of individual projects, either consolidated into a green frameworks for homogenious investor group impact calculations, or as separate entities to allow for investor unique impact calculations for heterogenious portfolios of project sponsors.


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